Brow Fix


Brow Fix by Remsco Creations is a brow thickener which add volume to your eyebrows and creates ultra definition. This product sets your hairs in an upright position throughout the day giving you a full but natural look all the celebs are wearing.

​The Brow Fix is both vegan and cruelty free while helping you to keep brows in place, fluffy and looking fuller. It comes with a pouch, manual and spoolie

Do you want naturally thicker and fuller brows? Brow Fix by Remsco Creations is the answer, as it plays an important role in helping to grow your natural brow hairs!

How to use:
1. Spray some make up spray on the spoolie provided
2. Dip your Spoolie into brow fix and gentle coat the bristles with product
3. Brush your eyebrows with the throughly with the Spoolie
4. Optionally apply your eyebrow pencil or power as you normally would


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