About Remsco

Remilekun Oyenekan aka Remsco is a bespoke beads maker and professional makeup artist using her skills to making unique beads for women, men and children that covers various occasions including weddings, birthdays and special events.

At Remsco Creations, our commitment to making the best beautifully designed and handcrafted beads jewelry in the country is priority as we serve clients wherever our skills are needed as we keep them happy on their special day.

We have a set of beautifully designed beads available to the public and we can always tailor our beads to any design or colour you may require.
Her skills as a makeup artist as well as her highly skilled team can be available at your occasion anywhere in the country and in time to make your day even special. We strive to creating any styles you want.

Services that we provide at Remsco include:
Weddings (Bride and Bridegroom beads jewelry), Special occasions, Professional face makeup to you and your guests and Head Gear(Gele).

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